Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ruby Red Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday October 30 31 2012

Night Blooming Cactus, Epiphyllum, very early morning October 24, 2012

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  1. I love LOVE that flower!! We have some here at work, Botanic Gardens, and they are delightful indeed!!!

    Mines up as well at AussiePomm - A night at Harry's!!!!

    Have a great day!!

  2. Beautiful! I have read about these mysterious and fascinating flowers. They are supposed to have the most amazing scent.

  3. Beautiful! Happy WW and happy Halloween!

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  4. I use to have one of those.....was huge.
    That freaky winter a couple of years ago got it.

  5. I love those Cacti - I have one growing in my conservatory. Wonderful fragrance.

  6. A night blooming cactus ? So you have to get up to take a picture, lol ?

  7. One word - on a Wordless Wednesday: gorgeous!!

  8. Gorgeous!! Mine has gone into the garage for the winter. Hope mine has a better year next year. This year was a slow one.


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