Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ruby Red Tuesday and Wildflower Wednesday May 22 and 23 2012

Although it is called a pesky weed by some,
the Thistle is an emblem of Scotland
 and the favorite food of Eeyore
(In the Winnie the Pooh stories by A. A. Milne).

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  1. It is really quite beautiful close up. I was looking at other weeds earlier in the week and thinking just how pretty so many of them are.

  2. lol...when I was a kid we had one grow up in the pony pen. I thought it was an alien flower, it got huge.

    I cried when my mean ol father wacked it with a hoe.

  3. What a pretty flower! My mom was born in Scotland, so I grew up with representations of the thistle everywhere.

  4. So beautiful, but classified as a noxious weed here in Ontario. Great to see an early photo of the blossom - really great colour.

  5. Despite my "liberal weed policy" I haven't managed to tolerate a thistle in my garden long enough for it to bloom. Probably because the only ones that have popped up so far are in the front garden. It is very striking, though, isn't it?

  6. That is a gorgeous "weed"! I can see why you like it so much...

  7. I gather all parts of thistle are edible, except, of course, the thorns! I've been wanting to give them a try, just haven't gotten to it! The inner stalk can be eaten like celery once the skin is removed, the buds can be cooked like artichoke, and the roots can be boiled too. :-)

  8. What a beautiful photo! We have some pesky thistles that usually escape the weedwhacker, but when they bloom in the summer and I see all the bees, finches, and butterflies flocking to them, I call them wildflowers, too.


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