Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day March 15 2012

What's blooming in my north Mississippi , zone 7, garden?

The pear tree blooms are falling to the ground where they mingle with the violets.
I do not know what the tiny yellow wildflower is.

More Violets under the pear trees.

These reddish-purple Violets are on a slope under a huge oak tree.

The Hellebores are fading, losing their vibrant colors, but the bees still find them alluring.

Grape Hyacinths are springing up everywhere!

The Oxalis are still blooming!
This is their third consecutive appearance for GBBD.

Most of the Daffodil blooms are gone.
Just a few late-bloomers like this one.
If I knew its name, I would buy dozens more!

The Peach trees are just beginning to bloom.

Japanese Magnolia is sometimes called Tulip Tree.

I tried to get one of my garden helpers to pose among the violets,
but after rolling around on the ground for a minute,
he came running to me.
End of photo session!

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

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  1. Aww what lovely photos! Beautiful flowers! And the helper is so cute :-)

  2. aloha,

    it looks like a pastel spring in your garden....very pretty :)

  3. That's a supermodel cat crooking its tail just so for you! Glad you appreciate your sweet violets - I love them too, and wish I had some peach blossoms too :)

  4. It all looks very pretty. I really like the Oxalis, they are such a pure white.

  5. Beautiful! That is indeed a spectacular daffodil. (A friend of mine has a blog,, and would love to see pictures of your feline helper if you'd like to share.)

  6. I love violets! Yours are beautiful. The oxalis is pretty, too. And that double daffodil is gorgeous. Love your little garden helper!

  7. Those peach blossoms are amazing. We only have orange blossoms here in Florida... they smell good, but aren't much to look at...

  8. Love those sweet violets! And the peach blossoms. Looks like spring is well on its way in North Mississippi.

    And I see you have a garden helper much like mine. Aren't we lucky?

  9. Love your garden helper :)
    The Oxalis is gorgeous and the peach blossoms are just "Wow"!
    Happy GBBD :)

  10. Good pictures. Luv your macros.

    Those kitty babies have their own agenda.

  11. Oh, those little violets are so pretty! Thanks for sharing. Happy bloom day!

  12. This reminds me that I need to plant more oxalis. I was just seeing some different varieties in a catalog last week. Beautiful flowers and kitty!

  13. Lovely photos! Violets are blooming in my autumn garden too! Happy bloom day :)

  14. It's hard to believe that you are zone 7, certainly your flowers are well advanced beyond our Maryland plants. What a lovely time of year...

  15. Hi Lea, What a great variety of violets you have. I like the white ones with the blue stripes. Are they cultivated or did they come on their own? I think the yellow wildflower is the little mock strawberry. It gets little berries that look like strawberries but taste like styrofoam. Nice that your peaches are blooming. I don't think mine are yet although I've graduated to zone 8 (or am at least still 7b). I'll have to go double check tomorrow -- they are in an out-of-the-way spot. Happy spring!

  16. This is so sweet! I have helpers like yours. Very little help, much supervision. Lots of fun shots. Well done.
    Greetings from Cottage Country!
    P.S. Love your header. The words are an anthem I have sung many times with my late parents. Beautiful.


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