Sunday, February 26, 2012

Macro Monday February 27 2012

This is a descendant of the 'King Alfred' Trumpet Daffodil developed in England by John Kendall.

Named for King Alfred the Great (849-899),
it was registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in 1899.

Happy Macro Monday!

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  1. Wow that flower is awesome can't wait to see mine soon.


  2. What a large flower...very pretty! And thanks for the info about how it was named. I always wondered!

  3. I had forgotten how huge the trumpets are on those K A Daffodils. So different from many of the more modern varieties.

  4. Beautiful flower.

    Regard and best wishes

  5. I love em! Mine are in full bloom!!

  6. will be while yet until our daffs rise from the frozen earth...lovely to see one here.

  7. Gorgeous images of this beautiful daffodil.

    Happy MM

  8. How exciting, spring is springing up! I know we'll still have some cold and yucky stuff (maybe even more than we've had so far!) but now that the daffodils have started, I'm so much happier. I love your last photo, especially (the one from the reverse). I have a bunch of early trumpets that I keep going back and forth thinking are either King Alfred or Carlton, but now I'm pretty sure they're not K.A., because the cups are not so long and elegant as yours. Are King Alfred daffodils fragrant at all?

  9. Oh, I love daffodils! We can't grow them here in Florida.


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