Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day February 2012

One of our pear trees is blooming despite the freezing temperatures.

This Spirea has been blooming for the last month, and still has plenty of buds yet to open.
Tiny raindrops create a little extra sparkle.

Forsythia 'Yellow Bells' is just beginning to bloom.
Oxalis - a quiet little plant that sometimes hides its blooms underneath its leaves.

Grape Hyacinths
Wind and rain sent these beauties sprawling on the ground.
I raised this one's head to take the photo.

Hellebores 'Lenten Rose' gets more beautiful every day.

This double daffodil is commonly known as 'Butter and Eggs.'
It looks a little bedraggled from Monday's wind and rain.

After a cold week-end and rainy Monday, the forecast is for a cloudy, but warmer, day today.

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

For more GBBD photos visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens


  1. No blooms in my garden, but your poor pear looks frostbitten. The daffs are so pretty and I hope you have a happy GBBD as your temps go higher.

  2. Hey, I have the butter and egg coming up on my blog soon too.

    Your picture is better!

    Luv the photos.

  3. I can't believe your forsythia is already blooming! I hope we continue to have a mild winter so our plants don't go into shock if it freezes.

    Happy Bloom Day!

    (Thanks for the golf tee/plant marker suggestion!)

  4. You have so many pretty blooms in your gardens already! What a treat :) Happy GBBD! Cheers, Jenni

  5. Your pear tree is already blooming! How exciting! Your blooms are all gorgeous - love that "Butter and Eggs"!

  6. Wuch wonderful detail and the added bonus of the fly in the shot was great.

  7. Happy GBBD! The blooms have been lovely this late winter but the rain sure takes its toll on them...Mine are all lying down on the job. gail

  8. You have a nice assortment of daffodils and I really like the 'Butter and Eggs.' Your Forsythia is very pretty too...wish I had a place for one. Happy Bloom Day!

  9. Lovely blooms especially the daffodil, white and yellow in the middle gorgeous combination.

  10. You have so many lovely Daffodils and I really loved the Spirea flowers. I was given a Spirea not long ago and wondered what the blooms were like. Now I have to find the right spot for it.

  11. More hellebores for me to drool over. And forsythia. Lucky you. I had that in my garden in St Louis but i don't think it works here. Looks like you had a wonderful bloom day.

  12. Looks like your Mississippi garden is a little ahead of my Missouri garden :) I enjoyed your photos--it helps me realize that spring is just around the corner!!

  13. It's wonderful to be able to pop in to your Mississippi garden and what's blooming. The Lenten Rose is spectacular. I wonder if it can grow in Texas. Hmmm... I 'll be checking that out.

  14. I totally love all the different Daffodils you have...happy Bloom Day!

  15. Wow, you have a lot blooming! The forsythia is definitely a sign of spring! I love spirea - it is so lovely. What a beautiful February bloom day!

  16. Lovely blooms! You appear to be ahead of us - my spirea does not have buds yet. Love your daffodils!

  17. You must live in a warmer clime than mine. You have so much more blooming. Those first blooms on the trees are just gorgeous. Happy GBBD.

  18. What a lovely preview of what I hope to be seeing in the next few weeks! My hellebores have not produced that big of clumps of blooms yet, though. Maybe this will be the year.

  19. Wow, you have a lot of great blooms!! Nice variety of daffodils, mine are just starting to come up and have three open! I like Oxalis, will have to see if I can figure a place to put them in my garden.


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