Friday, October 20, 2023

Sky Watch Friday

Pickwick, Tennessee, USA, October 17, 2023
We had beautiful skies for our trip to Pickwick Lake on Tuesday!

The birds are Canada Geese.

Happy Friday!

I am linking in with Skywatch Friday

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  1. Beautiful view of the sky and river, love the goose too. Take care, have a great day and a happy weekend!

  2. So nice to see a blue sky. Nice Canada Goose closeup.

  3. Wonderful sky with white clouds

  4. Soft blue sky, fluffy clouds, beautiful reflections in the lake, and then a goose. Great post!!

  5. I love a sky like that with big fluffy clouds.

  6. Oh yes, a beautiful day. And it's always a joy to see Canada geese!

  7. That is a nice sky, and it makes a pretty reflection in the water.


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