Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mockingbird, August 17, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday and I'd Rather B Birdin'
Prentiss County, Mississippi, USA June, 5, 2016
Northern Mockingbirds, Mimus polyglottos, are singers of sweet songs, able to mimic many other bird's songs.

Northern Mockingbirds are common across the southern United States, and they venture as far north as the Great Lakes region to breed in the Summer. (There is a Southern Mockingbird that lives in South America).

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  1. Lovely Mockingbird. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. Hello!:) What fine photos of the Mockingbird, and I especially like the first image of this lovely, smart bird.

  3. Around here, I hear Mockingbirds more often than I see them.

  4. Hi Lea. Smart looking and smart in their behaviour. That's the Northern Mockingbird.

  5. I would love to see that Mockingbird. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. All the best. Karen

  6. Good looking Mockingbird. Nice to see both the front and rear view images.

  7. I love seeing these, and hearing their songs!!! Beautiful images.

    Thanks for sharing this bird outing with us today at I'd Rather B Birdin' ... always a pleasure.

  8. Wonderful photos. We have one that lives in the tree across the street. He has so many tunes to sing! Hugs!

  9. Nice shots, Lea. They are all over around here in Ashburn Va.

    I guess mating season is over, because I don't see so many mockingbird turf showdowns now.

  10. Thank you for sharing your mockingbird. I would see them on occasion in Iowa but I don't see them up here.


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