Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day April 2015

Northeast Mississippi, USA, zone 7
Daffodils, Prentiss county, Mississippi, USA, April 14, 2015

We still have a few clumps of late-blooming Daffodils.


The blooms on the Hellebores have faded from pink to white.  The first buds appeared in January, so they have been hanging on for 3 months.


There are a lot of Dogwood trees in our area, and I am happy to have a large one at the edge of my yard.

Pink Dogwood
 I think my pink Dogwood tree is getting too much shade.  It has very few blooms this year.

Red Buckeye
It is said that the Hummingbirds follow the Buckeye blooms as they come north in the Spring.  Our first Hummingbird arrived on April 4th just as the Buckeye blooms began to open.  (We put our Hummingbird feeders out March 20th so we were ready for them).

The Snowball blooms are still just a little bit green.  In the next few days they will expand and turn completely white.

Double White Clematis
 The promise of things to come.  The Clematis is loaded with buds this year.

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

To see more blooms in gardens around the world, visit May Dreams Gardens:  Click Here!

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  1. Beautiful flowers indeed. Daffs are almost perennial in my climate while dogwood are a no no they do not tolerate our high summer heat. But i would love to grow that pink dogwood one day, what a beauty.

  2. Hello, so many pretty blooms. I love the daffies and the pretty dogwoods.. I can not wait to see my clematis.. Lovely images, have a happy day!

  3. I don't think I've ever seen the red buckeye before...very pretty. My grandfather used to always carry a buckeye in his pocket for good luck.

  4. You have so many blooms in your April garden Lea. The Dogwood and Daffodil blooms are gorgeous and I love the Snowball bloom and spring buds as well! Happy GBBD!

  5. Oh, I love the pink dogwood! I've taken note of several on my way to and from work, and I don't have any in my yard. I need to fix that this fall!! Happy Bloom Day, and I can't wait to see your clematis in bloom :)

  6. Spring marches northward, blowsy and green with the rains.

    Do you reckon some seeds of pink dogwood would produce another pink, or if they always revert to white? We had a neighbor with a pink dogwood once and suckers came out from the graft, blooming white.

  7. Love the dogwoods. I really must get one for my garden. Beautiful blooms as always.

  8. Ah...lovely images of spring! You know I am a dogwood lover, myself :)

  9. Now I have a case of seasonal envy, here in upstate New York. We are perhaps 6 weeks away from dogwoods. My first crocus just opened this week. Even my lenten roses were late. Loved your blooms. The red buckeyes intrigued me, but first I better see if the camilla I bought (yes I am going to try to grow a camilla in upstate NY) makes it through next winter.

  10. The red buckeye and snowball are gorgeous. The snowball looks like it could be a decoration at a spring wedding. I'm looking forward to your future clematis blooms!

  11. Lovely blooms. The pink dogwood is cool - it looks like the cross section of a red onion!

  12. Loved seeing your spring garden especially the clematis almost blooming....we are just about to see the first daffodils.

  13. Beautiful photos! I just planted a small (very) Clematis. I hope to see it grow and prosper and bloom this year. Thanks for sharing your flowers.

  14. I only just noticed Clematis buds this afternoon - all is good!
    I love your dogwood blooms and of course your snowball is gorgeous Lea. Happy GBBD :)

  15. I'm not familiar with the red buckeyes, but it sounds like a great resource for the hummingbirds. I love dogwood flowers, the pink ones are so pretty.

  16. Nice pics -- we have more stuff blooming here every day.


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