Friday, July 26, 2013

Salad Day and Sky Watch Friday July 26, 2013

Every Friday is Sky Watch Friday.
And the fourth Friday of each month is Salad Day at Veg Plotting.

Growing your own salads
Basic salad ingredients are very easy to grow, and they don't need a lot of space.
It is not even necessary to dig or till the ground.
Just get some large containers (even a window box will do),
a bag or two of good quality potting mix, and a few packets of seed.
Follow the planting instructions on the seed packets.
Water well, and remember to water twice a week unless it rains.
You can be enjoying your own home-grown salads in just a few weeks!
Today I have everything I need for a salad except lettuce!
But I'll be able to grow lettuce again when our weather cools off in September.
This is the last of the Spring Onions and Baby Carrots.
The Sweet 100 (red) and Sun Sugar (yellow) Tomatoes are fruiting very well.
The Jalapeño Peppers are called 'Fooled You'
You expect them to be hot, but they are really mild!
Now for Sky Watch Friday
We've had over 4 inches (10 cm) of rain this week,
but now the skies are clear and the butterflies are swarming around the Butterfly Bush.

Happy Friday!
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  1. What a beautiful blue sky!
    Your salad ingredients look good, and don't they taste so much better when you have grown them yourself.

  2. Beautiful shot of flowers against the sky.

  3. Love your garden produce and the butterfly bush with butterfly set off the sky beautifully.

  4. I love that plate of veggies! I always bust at the seams when I see a basket or plate of food I've grown.

    Happy weekend.

  5. There's nothing like fresh home grown vegetables.Your's look delicious. Although I don't usually care for Jalapeños, I like that name and maybe I could eat that type! Wow...what we would do for 4 inches of rain here!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Lea - I love those Botanic Interests seed packets and thanks to a friend I now have some of my own :)

    Thanks for letting me know about the problem over at mine. Something went wrong with Mr Linky earlier today, and instead of restoring today's Linky, it opened a new one. I've transferred over yours and the other 2 links which were left on the previous Linky so there's no need to do anything. Have a great weekend!

  7. Love the salad days post. I was just writing about container veg gardening for my book. It was such fun to see your harvest. You're right. It's easy.~~Dee

  8. Those sound like my sort of chillies. I prefer spicing to add a little warmth, not a massive kick! Great selection of veg :)

  9. In a more industrious life I used to enjoy growing salad makins' in containers on my back landing. So nice to go out kitchen door and pinch off herbs or tender lettuce for salads. Your little chunky carrots look yummy--orange candy stick! Great photo for Skywatch Friday--some of our favorite things.


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