Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trumpet Honeysuckle May 22, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday!
Trumpet Honeysuckle, Lonicera sempervirens, is native to the Eastern United States
and as far west as Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.
Blooming throughout the Summer, it is pollinated by insects and Hummingbirds.
Notice the interesting leaf formation.

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  1. The striking red flowers contrasts well with the lovely green foliage. It is definitely an interesting addition to any garden.

  2. I went to Bellingrath gardens and bought a Fushia plant that looks very much like this. It died during the heat of the summer. I am not sure if this is the same this plant. It is beautiful.

  3. I have some of this and love the color.

  4. One of my favorite vines is this beautiful lonicera. Happy WW.

  5. Unique flowers also. Good luck with your swamp milkweed.

  6. Hi Lea, That's a great closeup of your red honeysuckle. I have the yellow honeysuckle that has grown on the fence for years. But this year I saw Lonicera sempervirens "Major Wheeler' in the Select Seeds catalog, and I loved the red color. So I ordered it as a small plant. It arrived several weeks ago. I repotted it and I think it's about ready now to be planted in the ground. I hope it makes it in my garden!

  7. Beautiful! I can just see the hummingbirds making a beeline for those red blooms.

  8. Pretty flower and attractively photographed! :-)


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