Saturday, April 28, 2012

52 Week Salad Challenge April 2012

Without the encouragement of Veg Plotting's
52 Week Salad Challenge
I would not know the joy of home-grown lettuce!
This large container of Mixed Lettuces was sown on March 3.
I enjoy the different colors and shapes.

I sowed several containers with Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce, beginning early in March. 
This one mixed with 'Little Finger' Baby Carrots was sown on March 12.
I began picking lettuce on April 10 and have enough to share with friends!

I found a new purpose for the side rails of an old baby bed. They keep the cat out of my onions!
These yellow onions were started from bulbs on February 27.

I started my tomatoes a month earlier this year than last year.
I had to cover them on cold nights, but it was worth the extra trouble.
I have blooms now at the end of April!

I set out cucumber plants earlier this week. I grew three different cucumbers last year.
We liked these Burpless Hybirds the best.

Another addition to the garden this week.
JalapeƱo peppers for my husband's salads.
No, thank you, not for me!

Yesterday I picked the first of the Green Garden Peas 'Early Maturing Alaska'
Planted March 1 in large containers, they withstood near freezing night-time temperatures.
They can be cooked like any other pea or bean, but they are wonderful eaten raw.
Just sprinkle a few on your salad!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Looks like everything is coming along really well - it is still very cold here so not a lot of outdoor planting going on yet.

  2. Hi Lea - so glad you're enjoying the challenge! Quite a few people are using washing up bowls for their lettuces - it's a really good idea, so is your recycled cat preventer :)

    I too have tiny little tomatoes forming on my plants - I daren't plant them outside yet though, it's far too cold, wet and windy in the UK at the moment!

  3. My cat Arthur who loves to help digging in the garden wouldn't be happy with your old baby bed, lol ! All your vegetables and salads look delicious !

  4. Hi Lea, i agree great inspiration from VP has led me to grow much more than i usually would. All your plantings are coming along nicely and good to be able to share with friends. Hubby must be happy your growing things especially for him, i used peppers in pickles this year and they certainly gave them a kick!

    1. Forgot to add those peas.................fantastic!!

  5. I love your use of the baby rails. I plant lettuce in pretty containers too. Mine last year looked like yours.


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