Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt November 27 2011

This week's prompts are: Waiting, Foliage, Candid, Knife Fork or Spoon, and Rule of Thirds. 
I dug into my archives for the Waiting photo; the others are recent.


Photographer-Husband Waiting for the Perfect Sunrise Photo


When looking for Autumn Foliage, watch where you step!
I think this is Juniper Moss.

Aha! The photographer herself caught in the act!
This bank building in Tupelo Mississippi is covered with reflective panels.

Knife, Fork, or Spoon:
I recycle plastic knives and forks by using them as markers in my garden.
Little Finger baby carrot seeds were sown on August 30. We pulled the first ones this week.
Background color provided by an ornamental pear tree.

Rule of Thirds:

This artwork is on the side of the Gum Tree Bookstore in Tupelo Mississippi.

Moving in closer for a photo of the candlestick

Using Rule of Thirds to improve composition

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Thanks to Ashley for hosting the Scavenger Hunt.


  1. I love that art on the bookstore! Lots of dimension! Terrific waiting photo!

  2. Wow, the art work on the building is awesome, great shots. I also love the first image, wonderful composition against that sunset

  3. Great shots! That first one is amazing!!! Thanks for your kind blog comment x

  4. What a great first shot. I like the crop of your last shot.

  5. The photo of your husband waiting to get his perfect shot is really good. The art on the book store is amazing, it looks 3D.
    I'm jealous that you can grow carrots! In our heavy clay soil they usually come out very twisted, and borderline obscene looking!

  6. What a beautiful waiting! Love everything about it!

  7. Your candid shot is great. Really neat bookstore set of shots.

  8. I love the first shot...a silhouette against the dawn sky is so inspiring. And the progression of the shots for the rule of thirds is great!!!

  9. Hi. Your first shot is just stunning!! And I LOVE the bookstore photos- beautiful artwork and dimension

  10. Lovin' that first shot! Gorgeous colors and silhouette. Just lovely.


  11. I love how vibrant the green is in the foliage shot and the waiting shot is gorgeous!

  12. My favorite is your husband silhouletted against the morning sky.



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