Monday, October 17, 2011

Garden Bloom Update

The Night Blooming Cactus bloomed on Sunday night, October 16 - one day past the GBBD event!


  1. Dear Lea, Definitely 'better late than never'. P. x

  2. That bloom is so pretty! And very unique. It was certainly worth waiting for!
    I was wondering if it has a fragrance. Thanks for posting the photos.

  3. The smell is a woodsy type smell, not really flowery. It does attract flies, gnats, and other night-time insects.

    Thanks for visiting

  4. I finally figured out just last month that one of these due to a plant swap I attended. And there it was! I've had one of these plants for about 8 years and never knew what it was or seen the bloom and here you have captured so many! I'm glad I figured out what I have as I was about to get rid of it. It's gorgeous!

  5. Want to send you some info on cuttings of epis....but you have no email address on your profile.
    Email me at and I will send it to you.
    Your pictures are great!

  6. They're always a thrill, no matter how many blooms we see between July and October. You are right, they cannot stand a freeze. I used to keep mine over winter in an unheated utility room that never got colder than 45 degrees. Now I keep them in the greenhouse. I root the pieces that break off which they invariably will.

    As to the fragrance, I was able to compare an Epi with a Datura one night. The Datura is sweet; the Night Blooming Cereus is spicy and heavy, too cloying to bring inside.


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